Lemon Juice Challenge

06 Oct
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For the longest time I have heard about and used lemon juice in my skincare routine. But for whatever reason I stopped using it the way I used to. I know about all of the amazing benefits, so I have decided to start a challenge to get me back in the habit of using it again.

For those of you who are using lemon juice for the first time for skin care, here are a few things to be aware of:

  1. The juice of a lemon ( citric acid ) can irritate the skin. Persons with sensitive skin should try diluting lemon juice with water before using, try a patch test by rubbing a bit of your diluted solution on the inside part of your wrist. If there is a reaction or it is irritating, try diluting it some more.
  2. Lemon juice gradually and naturally lightens your skin, so if you are not looking for that effect limit the amount of times you use lemon juice.
  3. Using lemon juice before sun exposure is strongly discouraged. Sun exposure could cause blistering or irritation. Using it before bed is recommended.
  4. Citric acid (lemon juice) may not be the strongest acid, but it is still an acid, hence it will burn and it can be extremely drying to the skin. ALWAYS use a moisturizer after using lemon juice and unless diluted it is not recommended for everyone to use everyday. A few times a week is sufficient, but you know your skin better than I do, so you have to be the judge of how often you use it.

Those were just a few things I wanted to mention before I explain the challenge. So here it is.

Lemon Juice Challenge

Here is what I plan to do for this challenge:

  • Drink a glass of warm water with 3 tbsp of lemon juice in the morning before breakfast everyday
  • Once a week exfoliate my skin with a mix of brown sugar and lemon juice (enough for whatever area I am using it on)
  • Apply diluted lemon juice to my skin before bed 3 times a week. Mix lemon juice and water, dab a cotton ball into the mixture and apply to face. Don’t forget your neck, it is an extension of your face and it needs attention to.

That’s it! Simple right? The challenge will be for 30 days. I expect that my skin will have a fresh, beautiful glow and that my skin tone will be more even.

I hope you all will enjoy the skin care and health benefits of the challenge. Join me, tell me what you think, give me suggestions. I would love to hear from you!

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